Dr Chen Mercy Mission in Philippines

Mediviron UOA aesthetic doctor, Dr Chen Tai Ho volunteered to help attend to patients affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan from 27 November to 11 December 2013 under the NGO MERCY Malaysia. 5300 people died, 13 million people were affected and over 500,000 houses were destroyed in the Philippines.

Dr Chen was based in Ormoc Hospital and Valencia mobile clinics. 5 or 6 volunteer doctors including Dr Chen see up to 600 patients per day.

Most patients come with injuries and wounds dues to the typhoon and the debris it brought, tuberculosis, pneumonia, flu, diarrhoea, and untreated chronic diseases such as hypertension, goiter, diabetes mellitus and heart disease. The doctors leave for work at 5.30am and are only back to their rooms by 8pm everyday, 7 days a week.