The physician embeds the absorbable PDO (Polydiozanone) threads into the area wherever you want for the lifting effect. It forms nets between a number of threads. They promote and proliferate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis while they are naturally absorbing into the tissue within 6-8 months.

What to expect

You may expect V-line shaping, increase of skin elasticity, and smoother skin tone.

Why Thread Lift

  • Instant result: You can see the lifting and firming effect right after the procedure
  • Long lasting: The lifting effects can last up to 1-2 years
  • Safety: CE0123 approved, KGMP, KFDA Class IV approved (safest material)
  • Convenience: No down time, can return to daily activities right after procedure.

During The Procedure

The anaesthetic cream will be applied. And the threads will be inserted into the area. The procedure will take 30-40 minutes, which is subjected to the treatment sites. The patients will experience minor prickling sensation such as acupuncture needling.