Derma Veil is launching in Malaysia soon!!!

Derma Veil is launching in Malaysia soon!!!

Another good news to our dear readers!

Derma Veil is coming to Malaysia soon! Our doctor from Mediviron UOA Aesthetic Clinic was invited by Medinter, Ltd to attend their training in Hong Kong on 12 May 2013.

Derma Veil ®

Derma Veil ® is a pharmaceutical device designed to diminish skin damage due to the aging process, sickness and/or sun exposure. Derma Veil ® improves the flexibility, hydration and turgescence of the cutaneous tegument, restoring its volume and diminishing the imperfections of the outer skin, such as wrinkles and scars.

Derma Veil ® is manufactured in the United States and each production meets B1, B2 and B3 validation requirements. The Product will also be manufactured in Europe as of January 2008. The US and European facilities are both ISO 9000 laboratories fully approved by the FDA and the European Community’s (CE) regulatory bodies. After validation, all manufactured lots, whether for investigation or commercial use, are invariably submitted to sterility and toxicity tests prior to their release for public consumption.

NOTICE: Derma Veil ® is intended for the exclusive use of physicians.

Derma Veil ® is a device to treat skin damage due to the ageing process, sickness and/or the effects of the enviroment. It requires a minimum of two sessions separated by 3 weeks and in some cases a fourth or fifth session may be needed.

The product is incorporaded as a hydrophillic matrix composed of Glycolic and Polylactic acids. Both acids are inmmunological inert, biocompatible, absorbable and degrade by hydrolysis.

The combined effects of the acid distends the cutaneus tegument restoring volume to depressed areas, effacing wrinkles, creases and mild scars and improving hydration and flexibility to the skin.

Our expert doctor in Mediviron UOA Clinic with Dr. Tagle

About the trainer:
Jorge M. Tagle, MD; Pedro Cervantes Macchetto, MD*; Rosa Margarita Durán Páramo, MD*

Dr. Tagle is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, International Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, European Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Documentation; Dr. Mcchetto is in Private Practice, General Hospital of Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico; Dr. Páramo is in Private Practice.