Vampire/ Platlet Rich Plasma Face Rejuvenation Workshop

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Vampire/ Platlet Rich Plasma Face Rejuvenation Workshop

Platlet Rich Plasma or PRP is a treatment that involves injecting a concentrated source of platelet rich plasma obtained from patient’s own blood to into respective area of concern to promote tissue healing. PRP has been used not only for cosmetic purposes but also in treating orthopedic conditions such as joint degenerative conditions, tendonitis, plastic surgery, wound healing post surgery or burn injury to name a few.

PRP contains not only high concentrations of platelets but also seven different growth factors that stimulates tissue regeneration, collagen production and formation of new blood vessels to the treated area.

PRP treatment is a great option for:

  • Improving wrinkles and lines at the surrounding eyes, mouth, forehead and neck
  • Acne Scars
  • Dull lifeless and sagging skin
  • It can be used in Combination with Fractional CO2 laser for enhanced effect
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Patients looking for alternative to fillers. “The Vampire Face Lift”

The PRP procedure involve withdrawing patient’s own blood and centrifuging it to separate the red blood cells from the plasma (yellow colored blood component).

The plasma obtained is then re-injected into concerned areas of the face to improve wrinkles, sagging, volume loss, and scars to achieve a rejuvenated, lifting affect.

The treatment will not yield an instantaneous result however, will be appreciated over a period of time as new collagen and tissue repair occurs. Improvement can be seen as soon as one day with mesotherapy or dermarolling and PRP applied to the deep dermis, or as long as six weeks when it is used to revolumize the face. PRP can also be combined with different laser treatments for more dramatic results.
Platelets release growth factors that help the body repair itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue. As well as improving the skin tone, the treatment also promotes healthy skin growth and collagen production leaving skin appearing more plump and vibrant.

PRP is recommended for anyone who prefers a more natural approach to anti-aging treatments. PRP is a safe and natural treatment which is highly effective at improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and dull, worn out looking skin. It can also improve the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks.” advised by doctor from Mediviron UOA Clinic.

Doctor from Mediviron UOA Clinic

PRP can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck, décolletage, back of hands and other body areas. You can expect your skin to be visibly smoother, firmer and revitalized within 3 weeks of treatment. Improvements in skin tone and texture will continue in following months. Results usually last for 18 months and top-up treatments will maintain the effects.” advised by Dr Jasmine.

Dr.Jasmine from Mediviron UOA Clinic

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